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This is a tactical solitaire game about survival, and overcoming adversity. This streamlined push-your-luck strategy game is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Fifteen minutes and a playing card deck are all you need.. to start fighting for your life!

Standard deck of playing cards (jokers removed)
Medium/small table space
10-15 minutes free time

Game Rules Downloads:
PDF Version (2 pgs)
PocketMod Version (coming soon!)

BGG Solitaire Print N' Play Contest '17- 

  • 4th Place in Easy Build
  • 5th Place in Puzzle/Abstract
  • 2nd Place in Traditional Card

Thematic Lenses:
The Mountain is more abstract than thematic, to be approachable by all flavors of players. However there are optional theme lenses to apply to the game, for a choice of richer imagery.

Flesh Mountain- Otherworldly Horror
Gold Mountain- Risking for Riches
Crown Mountain- Assault the Clifftop Castle
Space Mountain- Confront the Hypercube
Feral Mountain- Raw Nature and Limited Supplies
Write your own and post it! I will add them to the list 

I love you like jelly beans you big awesome person. 
I hope you enjoy playing!
-Joshua J. Jumbles